How Do I Get These Services?

To request a telephone consultation for The Caring House program, please call (256) 650-1212. After a brief telephone interview, we will arrange a tour and orientation visit where dates and times for participation in the program will be determined. 
What Happens at The Caring House?

Embracing grief and recognizing it as a normal human response is the first step in the coping process after the death of a loved one. Children are encouraged to express their feelings and there are many outlets available at The Caring House, including:
   •   Physical and creative play
      Art expression
   •   Sharing and listening
   •   Creative writing activities
      Learning about the grieving process
   •   Animal-assisted activity
      Ongoing peer support groups for children and their families
   •   Tasks that affirm the normalcy of their experience

Who Pays For These Services?

Because Hospice Family Care is a not-for-profit organization, services of The Caring House are available free of charge. We are dependent on United Way support, corporate and community contributions, as well as donations from churches and families who have benefited from our services. Children living in Madison County and the surrounding areas are eligible for our services, regardless of whether their loved one was served by our hospice agency.
Additional Services

      Professional training for recognizing the signs of grief in children
      Tours of The Caring House
      Groups for parents or other adult caregivers
      Crisis and school intervention planning assistance
      Special events
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