Donate To The Caring House

Over the past two years, the Caring House has been extremely busy! Our outreach program recently expanded into 27 additional city schools and one new city school system, and we increased our census from 178 to 442 students during this time. This year alone, we have responded to 10 crises in schools, had 40 group meetings at the HC facility, and hosted 2 large group events, just to name a few interactions. Grant funding is integral to our ability to continue our work in the community, and so I am grateful for your consideration of this request. If you would like any further information, or would like to tour The Caring House, please feel free to call me at 256-650-1212.

Lee Shaw
Business Development Manager
Hospice Family Care 
New Donation Process
Now that Hospice Family Care is a member of the Huntsville Hospital Health System, the Hospital Foundation has offered to support us with the collection and recognition of donations given to Hospice Family Care, The Caring House, and our new Inpatient Facility. Please use the button at the bottom of this page to submit your gift.
When donating to Hospice Family Care, through the Hospital Foundation page, you now have the option to designate your funds to one of three areas.
Inpatient Hospice Facility
Your funds will go directly to support the care of patients and families at our new inpatient hospice facility! We provide inpatient hospice services to those who need it regardless of insurance. Your funds make it possible for all to achieve comfort and die with dignity.
The Caring House
Your funds will support a well-established peer-to-peer grief support program for children ages 3 to 18. For more information, visit:
Hospice Family Care
Your donation will enable us to continue providing hospice services for patients at home and in facilities, support our free bereavement support groups for adults and children, provide community outreach and education, and all the essential supplies and equipment necessary to support our patients and staff.
Regardless of your designation, you may choose to dedicate your contribution to a loved one.
To submit your donation, please use the link below.